Safety instructions



 Your Aerial Yoga hammock is made of a special tricot and can carry up to 992 Pounds of weight !

For a long durability of the fabric and your own safety you should consider the following:

No sharp objects in the hammock (jewelry, zippers ... )
With holes in the hammock , safety is not fully guaranteed.
Check suspension , knots and cloth regularly.
The hammock is flammable, avoid to place candles to close to it.
Direct and prolonged exposure to sunlight may fade the colours.

Figure-eight loop:

This knot will ensure safety, because the heavier the weight, the tighter it closes! How do you knot your hammock you can find here!


You can wash your hammock in the washing machine! Please use the program for washing hand wash clothes and do not set a higher temperature than 30° celsious (86 fh). Do not use fabric softeners. After washing, undo the knots and hang to dry! Make sure that your hammock is completely dry before you put it together and store it! 

The suspension:

The suspension is dependent on your ceiling texture! Best suited are steel or wood carriers , but it is also possible the suspension at a concrete ceiling. We recommend the suspension from the ceiling to be carried out by an expert!